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A fairly common question among business peope, parents with kids, and college students looking for something they can haul around, is what is the most durable laptop brand?  They want to have a starting brand or brands to be pointed out so they  can begin their search.  The problem is that no particular brand is entirely devoted to durability, they tend to have their laptops spread out over multiple products, from cheap to expensive, weak to powerful, poor build quality to premium craftsmanship.

On the positive side though, a few laptop brands do have specific lines within their brand that are entirely devoted towards durability, so that the product lasts as long as possible.  In this article we will outline a few of these lines so you know where to start looking for a tough product.

  • The Lenovo Thinkpad Line:  The most consumer friendly of this entire list, the legendary Thinkpad line is known for amazing durability, powerful hardware, and great keyboards.  All Thinkpads, regardless of type contain the following; spill resistant keyboards, roll cages, and shock mounted hard drives.  The significant majority of the line has passed and received a MIL-SPEC rating (Military Specification).  Thinkpads also have the lowest failure rate of any “commercial” line of of laptop
    Thinkpads are known for legendary durability

    Thinkpads are known for legendary durability

  • The Panasonic Toughbook Line: With magnesium alloy roll cages, and specially built LCD screens for outdoor viewing, this is probably the most well known brand of the extreme durability group of laptops.  Toughbooks contain no fans (moving parts fail) and impressively dissipate heat through a specially designed chassis.

    The Toughbook is the most well known extreme durability brand

    The Toughbook is the most well known extreme durability brand

  • The General Electric iTronix Series:  These are military grade laptops, they can sustain over 4 foot drops onto hard surfaces, extreme temperature fluctuations, can be submersed underwater, used in the rain, even explosive atmospheric conditions (ie. being blown out of a plane).  This is probably overkill for most personal users looking for a usable laptop.



The bottom line is that generally any business class notebooks out their are going to be significantly more durable and reliable than buying the bottom of the line Best Buy laptop that is manufactured as cheaply as possible.  I would generally recommend that when purchasing any laptop, always buy the business class levels, as the margins tend to be slimmer (ie. more bang for your buck) and they are built for years of use, as opposed to most manufacturers building personal laptops that are designed to fail within 2-4 years, to force consumers to purchase another one.  Generally business class laptops have failure rates over 3 years of around 5% as opposed to up to and over 20% in many personal lines of laptops.  A

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