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One of the main questions I always found myself asking when I was looking for a new laptop is what was a good laptop brand for my current needs.  With the multitude of models available from each manufacturer, sometimes numbering in the hundreds per year, it can be impossible to narrow down to a specific model.  I found a great starting point was deciding on a brand, and then narrowing down to a specific model from there.  Each brand offers a different variety of strengths and weakness, from stylish, durable, long battery life, high quality materials, performance, and weight, so knowing what brand to target for your specific needs can make a huge difference in search time and how happy you end up being with your new purchase.

Once you find the laptop brand that suits your needs the best (which hopefully this page can help with) you can click on each individual brand at the top for breakdowns of different models we have reviewed.   Primarily we are going to focus on Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba as these are the big manufacturers.

To start with lets examine the world laptop market share to see who the 5 biggest players are:


Global Laptop Market Share

HP 17.20%
Lenovo 13%
Dell 12.10%
Acer 11.20%
Asus 5.90%
Other 40.70%

As you can see not one company truly dominates the laptop marketplace.  The largest manufacturer, HP only controls 17% of the total market, and the top 5 manufacturers sell only 60%.  Some of the largest names you think of such as Fujitsu, Sony and Samsung don’t even show up as one of the 5 biggest manufacturers, despite being good laptop brands.

Laptop Failure Rate by Brand
(over 3 years)
Asus 15.60%
Toshiba 15.70%
Sony 16.80%
Apple 17.40%
Dell 18.30%
Lenovo 21.50%
Acer 23.30%
Gateway 23.50%
HP 25.60%

 As you can see HP, has by far the worst failure rate of the big name laptop makers , leading companies like Asus and Toshiba by nearly 10%.  Interestingly, Apple, which is renowned for brand and build quality is middle of the pack, however they do offer legendary  warranty and service on their products.

Laptop Brand Information & Specialties


Dell is still the largest PC manufacturer of laptops.  They are a solid laptop brand, whose models run the gamut from lightweight netbooks, to heavy powerful performance machines.  Dells are not known for quality and often use bulky plastics for the body instead of aluminum.  The keyboards on their laptops are known to “flex” due to a lack of premium materials.  Dells are in the midrange of price, but can be found substantially cheaper using coupon codes or by waiting for some of the numerous sales they offer throughout the year.  For those on a budget, looking for a big name Dell can be tough to beat as a good laptop brand.


HP is currently one of the largest brand names in consumer electronics.  They sit along with dell as one of the worlds largest laptop brand manufacturers.  For those looking for an environment manufacturer HP is ranked number 1 by greenpeace for its work in measuring and reducing greenhouse gases.  Both it and Dell are known for installing loads of crapware on laptops though, which can slow them to a crawl by the time you get them.


Sony makes some of the most attractive and stylish laptops available to purchase, right up there with Apple laptops, however they are often priced higher then competitor products with similar specs.  They also are more form then function, leaving laptops that can be uncomfortable to use, or that overheat.


Formally this laptop brand was owned by IBM and renowned for build quality, and since Lenovo took over, it has remained a good laptop brand.  Often used by working professionals due to their rugged nature, they have a distinguishable old school look.  What they lack in style they make up in quality materials, great keyboards and durability.


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